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Below is a selection of our successfully completed projects. Each project has a detailed description and a technical explanation. Simply find the projects that are relevant to you by using the filters on the top or at left side of the page.



  • Atlantic Telecom

    VoIP Data Exchange Gateway

    A VoIP service related information exchange gateway providing the customer relevant data needed to improve their services towards their customers

  • KPN

    Assurance, Ticket Handling & reporting

    Various projects related to 2nd/3rd line Ticketing, Porting and Reporting on fulfillment in close cooperation with customer's IT department and our dedicated team.

  • Xenosite

    Order Management Portal

    Order Management, Billing and Assurance platform supporting Re-sellers sales as well as Back Office support on business telecom products like xDSL, VoIP, Virtual PBX and Mobile.

  • WijZijnSport

    Crowd Funding Web Platform

    A successful crowd funding platform supporting athletes gathering supportive funds. The platform supports campaigning including social media and processing of payments and give backs.

  • MyMethods

    E-Learning & E-Coaching

    A beautiful designed, commercial, online education platform. Providing access to rich coaching content. Users can create their own library and within the user community share their favorite content.

  • Vodafone

    Order Management & Ticketing

    Multi-disciplinary cooperation where INFOdations Telecom domain knowledge is used to its full potential. Main focal points of delivery being Order Management, Assurance and Customer Communication.

  • GreenStarStatistics

    E-Mobility Tracing & Monitoring

    By OBD plug provides wireless access to the car motor management system, enabling distribution of routing, acceleration, shift and breaking information in order to save on fuel and car maintenance.

  • CIF

    Order Workflow Management

    Integration layer converging incoming orders toward Telecom suppliers and supporting reporting and billing services.

  • OVIS Telematics

    Cold Store Energy Management System

    Development of the corporate website as well as development of a device management and monitoring platform for tracing, tracing and measuring of wireless sensor networks.

  • FundStar

    Investment Monitoring Portal

    Development and delivery of minimal viable product focusing on analyses of profit on real estate investments. Complex calculations compliant with finance standards result in straightforward graphs.

  • Atlas Editions

    Order Management & Billing

    Tailor made complex Order Management workflow resulting in input for Logistics and Billing. Also development of a Rating & Billing solution which processes invoice lines into consolidates invoices.

  • OZF

    Home & Phonescanning

    Development of multi portal (web and mobile app) solution enabling customers to upload and manage their health care declarations (including authentication via DigiD).

  • Tele2

    Project Management Hosted Voice

    Program Management on development and release of Hosted PBX B2B product. All was executed in a strong Scrum/Agile oriented team.

  • Nazza

    Hosting & Operational Support

    Delivery of Housing, Hosting, Operational Support & Maintenance. Supporting Nazza during the first phase of their existence enabling them to focus on development of new business and new functionality.

  • Municipality Rotterdam

    Coaching in the Cloud

    Online web platform where coachees attend a reintegration training, online supported by their coach. Supplementary interaction with other coachees is supported via embedded chat and forum.

  • EuroFiber

    Network admin & support

    Processing suspended cases during order management and administration of fiber products. Applied workflow management and decreased workload by processing mail to tasks.

  • Dation

    Planning, Order Management & BI

    Close cooperation on feature and business development. A dedicated team directly led by Dation's architect worked on the core of the cloud based administrative software solution for driving schools.

  • SkiData

    Realtime Access Management

    Delivering a Proof of Concept on flexible & dynamic pricing for Access & Asset Management. Connecting front-end hardware real-time with customer profile and value.

  • Schuuring

    Workflow Management Portal

    Deliver a web based portal enabling access to the customer order management workflow system creating overview and manageability.

  • Raddepot

    Realtime Asset Management

    Real time Synchronization Module enabling a mobile access app and subscription portal to synchronize access & subscription transactions with rating & billing administration.

  • Numericable

    Mobile & VoIP rating and billing

    Development, implementation and operational support on Rating & Billing of mobile and fixed telecom services.

  • Kringloop Midden Holland

    Administration & Point of Sales

    Extending and adapt existing Point of Sales system for new multi store implementation and centralized processing of sales.

  • Wannanchi

    Mobile Rating & Billing

    Introduction of mobile services, on the back-end supported by a state of the art, scalable Rating & Billing system.

  • Quadraat

    Planning & Billing

    Planning, administration and invoicing software related to teacher, class room and student availability.

  • CloverTwo

    Native Order & Payment App

    Mobile order & payment native iOS app integrated with Point of Sales platform for Restaurant and Catering industry.

  • Residence Haganum

    Omni Channel Marketing

    Combined project where offline marketing meets online appearance. Coded leaflets, landing page connected to CRM registration.

  • CoffeeCup Software

    MenuBuilder & ButtonBuilder

    State of the art Responsive Design tools. Enabling web developers via a WYSIWYG interface to design web pages in a very effective and flexible way for all kind of resolutions.

  • SkillTrade

    Web Shop, E-learning & Support

    Evolutionary development, support and maintenance on an E-Commerce and educational platform. Delivering operational stability and innovative scalable solution advice and development.

  • Fribbel

    Co-Development Social platform

    Supporting main contractor SST-software to deliver the platform on agreed time. Processing assigned tasks and assuring integration of code and functionality.

  • Coachi

    Online Coaching & Talent Development

    Cloud coaching solution. Supporting Coaches to get in contact, monitor and support their Coachees. Provides event alerting, agenda management, chat, forum and content management.

  • Handel Amsterdam

    Office Rental Campaigning

    Omni channel marketing project combining offline marketing exposure with online appearance. Coded invites, landing page connected to CRM, onsite event, online aftercare.

  • Metaregistrar

    Rating & Billing Domain Sales

    Development and operational support of Rating & Billing solution for a related company.

  • Municipality Leiden

    Asset Management Portal & Admin

    Public portal enabling the citizens to retrieve their removed bicycles by the municipality services. The Portal is integrated with the administrative system.

  • Antaris

    Sensor Network Monitoring

    Co-development on new features to enable extensive end-to-end tracking and tracing for the wireless sensor monitoring dashboard/graphs in their web-platform, Smart.

  • WijNederland TV

    Subscription & Payment

    Development and integration of subscription & payment module. A joint delivery in close cooperation with front-end marketing and a development company within a tight time schedule.

  • PrivateScan

    CRM Integration & Customization

    Customization and integration of SugarCRM open source platform to enable service agents with a 'one page' overview of their customers during contact and to support campaigning and up/cross sales

  • Kringloopwinkel Het Warenhuis

    Point of Sales & Administration

    Delivery and optimization of Point of sales system including integration with the companies accounting system.

  • Home Design Shops

    E-Commerce site administration

    Support & Maintenance for a multi portal web shop including product management and billing.

  • WAA Groep

    Point of Sales & Registration

    Extending and adapt existing Point of Sales system including weight registration of delivered assets.

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